1. solution for european clients 



1.1,for clients living in UK or FRANCE, just make normal order with international delivery, put your home address , we ship it with stealth way,quite safe, it takes around 6-10 days, we guarantee reship if it's lost. 




1.2, for other european countries , the customs are quite difficult. so we have a good solution for you.


    1, go to  

         this is package forward company ,they have address in FRANCE.

    2, make a new account with your email.

         it's very easy, fast and free, no need verification.

    3, u get your own address in FRANCE,USA etc

    4, u make a normal order with international delivery, u put your own address in France

    5, we ship to this address in France, it's stealth way, it's quite safe, we guarantee reship.


    6, once the package arrive in your address, u will get a notification by email.

    7, u go to your account, u put your own home address in other country.

       u pay the shipping cost,then u forward  this package, it's very safe and fast. 




      delay of ship:

      china to UK or FRANCE: 6-10 days.

      UK to your home: 2 days




with this solution, u can order 1kit, but i recommend at least 2 kits, coz it's 2 times shipping cost.




2. solution for canada


just check the solution for europe, follow step 1.2, make an account on, get your address in USA, then u make a normal order on site, put your address in USA. i ship it with stealth way to USA,then u release it to your home address in canada, from usa to canada,  its very safe.


delay of ship:

to USA: 8-12 days

USA to canada: 2 days







the price on site is us dollar, u can convert it into your local currency with market rate,a little bit more or less, it's fine. 

if u pay by bitcoin, u can spend same value of euro to buy bitcoin, then send to me.

if u pay by Western Union. u can send same value of euros. 



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